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Javascript : How to get width and height of a div?

javascript jquery div-dimension div-width div-height

Problem :

You have a <div> and you want to get the dimension of the <div> such as height and….... read more

Javascript : How to replace HTML inside <div>?

javascript replace-HTML div

Problem :

How to use Javascript to replace the HTML codes?

While attempting to show different content to visitors equipped….... read more

Golang : Get dimension(width and height) of image file

golang image dimension height width

If you need to open up an image file, be it jpeg, png or gif. Chances are you will need….... read more

Golang : Get terminal width and height example

golang terminal-dimension width height

Problem :

You want to find out a terminal/console's width and height to calibrate your Golang text based program display.….... read more

Golang : Get RGBA values of each image pixel

golang rgba at image width height

Problem :

You need to find out each pixels R,G,B,A values on an image. Maybe to do ASCII art, edge….... read more

Golang : Qt get screen resolution and display on center example

golang qt screen-resolution height width display-on-center


You need to start your Qt desktop application main window on the screen center and also need to detect….... read more

Golang : Detect number of active displays and the display's resolution

golang detect-resolution monitor screen-capture height width

There are times when we need to find out the number of active displays and their resolution. The following code….... read more

Golang : Calculate BMI and risk category

golang IoT body-mass-index weight height kilograms

I'm building a healthcare IoT device that will ask a person about their weight and report back the risk category.….... read more