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Golang : Convert date string to variants of time.Time type examples

golang date convert-timestamp format-date

Here are few examples on how to convert a given date of string type to equivalent time.Time type. Most newbies….... read more

Golang : Convert date or time stamp from string to time.Time type

golang string-timestamp convert time-parse

Problem :

You have dates or time stamps in string format(usually from database) and you want to convert them into….... read more

Golang : Handle or parse date string with Z suffix(RFC3339) example

golang Z-suffix UTC-date convert-timestamp RFC3339

You want to convert a RFC3339 date string with Z suffix such as 2016-09-01T15:23:01Z to Golang's time.Time date type.

.... read more

Golang : Convert Unix timestamp to UTC timestamp

golang unix-timestamp utc-timestamp strconv parseint

Problem :

You have a Unix timestamp and you want to convert it to UTC time format. How to do….... read more

PHP : Convert string to timestamp or datestamp before storing to database(MariaDB/MySQL)

php date timestamp strtotime

Problem :

Need to convert a date string in PHP before storing the date into database(MariaDB/MySQL). The field in table….... read more

Golang : Date and Time formatting

golang date time timestamp

Our civilizations won't progress till this stage without proper understanding, parsing and organising our lives base on date and time.….... read more

Golang : How to get hour, minute, second from time?

golang hour minute second timestamp

Problem :

You have unix timestamp or time stamp in string format. You want to convert the unix timestamps from….... read more

Golang : Comparing date or timestamp

golang time-equal timestamp compare-time

Problem :

You have to compare two timestamps to see if the they are equal or not.

Solution :

Use….... read more