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Golang : Convert(cast) io.Reader type to string

golang convert type-cast io-reader string

Problem :

You have input of type io.Reader and you need to convert the input to string type.

Solution :

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Golang : convert(cast) bytes to string

golang convert bytes string three-dots

Encounter a problem when helping out a co-worker today to read in data generated by another program. To make it….... read more

Golang : Convert HTTP Response body to string

golang string convert http-response

Problem :

While writing tutorial on how to interface with PayPal's IPN(Instant Payment Notification), I need to convert….... read more

Golang : Convert string to array/slice

golang convert string array slice

Just a note for my own self. Hope it will be useful for you.

Problem :

You have a string….... read more

Golang : convert int to string

golang strconv convert-to-string

While working on previous tutorial on displaying struct values in string format with a method. I stumbled upon….... read more

Golang : Get time.Duration in year, month, week or day

golang date-time-stampelapsed time-duration convert


When using time.Until() or time.Since() functions, the time.Duration type have methods such as Hour(), Minutes(), Nanoseconds() and Seconds() to….... read more

Golang : Handle or parse date string with Z suffix(RFC3339) example

golang Z-suffix UTC-date convert-timestamp RFC3339

You want to convert a RFC3339 date string with Z suffix such as 2016-09-01T15:23:01Z to Golang's time.Time date type.

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PHP : Convert(cast) bigInt to string

golang convert type-cast bigInt string

Problem :

In PHP, you want to convert(cast) a big integer value to string for display.

Solution :

Use GNU….... read more