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PHP : Convert(cast) string to bigInt

convert casting bigint string

Problem :

In PHP, you want to convert(cast) a string to become big integer value.

Solution :

Use GNU Multiple….... read more

Golang : Humanize and Titleize functions

golang humanize convert titleize

Humanize function takes multiple words separated by a given separator and changes them to spaces. Titleize converts a given string….... read more

Swift : Convert (cast) String to Float

swift string convert float

Problem :

You have a string value and you need to convert the string into type float.

Solution :

Use….... read more

Golang : Convert int(year) to time.Time type

golang integer-time convert

Problem :

You have integer value such as a year and you want to convert the integer to time.Time type.….... read more

Swift : Convert (cast) Float to String

swift string convert float

Problem :

You have a float value and you need to convert the float into string type in Swift.

Solution….... read more

Golang : Convert an image file to []byte

golang image convert byte

This is a quick tutorial on how to convert an image file to byte array. This question was originally posted….... read more

Convert JSON to CSV in Golang

golang json csv convert

Need to load a data file with JSON encoded data and save it to CSV file ? This tutorial will….... read more

Golang : Convert source code to assembly language

golang assembly convert

If you ever have the urge to convert your Golang source code to assembly language, check out this online tool….... read more