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Golang : Convert Chinese UTF8 characters to Pin Yin

golang utf8 chinese-runes-characters pinyin

Not really a tutorial, but putting this here in case I need to refer back again in future. Here is….... read more

Golang : Generate random Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other runes

golang runes chinese-japanese-korean CJK random-string utf8

Alright, got a rare request here from a friend on how to generate a string of random Chinese, Japanese and….... read more

Golang : Get first few and last few characters from string

golang string last-characters first-characters


You need to find the last few or first few characters from a string. How to do that?


.... read more

Golang : How to count the number of repeated characters in a string?

golang count repeat characters string

Problem :

You want to develop a new algorithm that somehow will reduce or compress the size of a string….... read more

Golang : Extract unicode string from another unicode string example

golang string extract-unicode-characters


You have a string with unicode (UTF-8) characters and you want to extract part of the string by using….... read more

Golang : Get escape characters \u form from unicode characters

golang escape-characters unicode utf8

Problem :

You want to get the escape characters (\u form) from unicode characters(utf-8). How to do that?

Solution :

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About the wealthy character 富

chinese wealthyrich oil

Teaching my kids about the lesson on building wealth. This their first lesson and will continue to remind them again….... read more

Golang : Remove characters from string example

golang strip-charactersindex-rune strings map


You have a string and you want to remove certain characters from the string base on a set of….... read more