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Golang : ROT47 (Caesar cipher by 47 characters) example

golang rot47 caesar-cipher ASCII character-substitution

Here is an example of how to implement the ROT47 - Rotate 47 characters algorithm in Golang. ROT47 is a….... read more

Golang : Convert spaces to tabs and back to spaces example

golang tab space convert unicode character-substitution

A simple example on how to convert spaces to tabs and convert back the tabs to spaces again in a….... read more

Golang : ROT32768 (rotate by 0x80) UTF-8 strings example

golang rot32768 caesar-cipher utf8 rune-character-substitution

Previously we learned how to implement ROT13, ROT5 and ROT47 character substitution algorithms in Golang. However, these implementations….... read more

Golang : Rot13 and Rot5 algorithms example

golang rot13 rot5 unicode caesar-cipher ASCII...

Continuing from our previous ROT47 tutorial, we will now learn how to implement the ROT13 + ROT5 algorithms. ROT13….... read more

Swift : Convert (cast) Character to Integer?

casting swift int character

Problem :

How to convert (cast) character to integer in Swift programming language ?

Solution :

Simple. Just cast the….... read more

Golang : invalid character ',' looking for beginning of value

golang invalid-character

In has been a while since I've encounter a strange error message that I couldn't comprehend. However, today is special….... read more

Golang : How to convert character to ASCII and back

golang character rune string ASCII


ASCII or American Standard Code for Information Interchange is used to represent characters and device control in computers. How….... read more

Golang : Characters limiter example

golang character-limiter io-readatleast


You want to limit a string to X number of characters. How to do that?


Use io.ReadAtLeast() function….... read more