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Golang : Calculate BMI and risk category

golang IoT body-mass-index weight height kilograms

I'm building a healthcare IoT device that will ask a person about their weight and report back the risk category.….... read more

Captivating body painting festival in South Korea

arts body-painting south-korea female-models

Tired of painting art on canvas? How about painting on a warm human body? This just happened recently at the….... read more

Golang : Calculate US Dollar Index (DXY)

golang forex-trading us-dollar-index dxy

Below is a code example on how to calculate the US dollar index based on a basket of other related….... read more

Golang : Remove characters from string example

golang strip-charactersindex-rune strings map


You have a string and you want to remove certain characters from the string base on a set of….... read more

Golang : Calculate entire request body length during run time

golang content-length request-header entire-request-body


You are trying to figure out what to fill into the number_of_bytes_in_entire_request_body field when making a http.NewRequest(). You need….... read more

Golang : Skip or discard items of non-interest when iterating example

golang read-file skip-iterable-item strings-index


You want to skip or discard items of non-interest when iterating. For example, skipping the commented lines with #.... read more

Golang : Calculate Relative Strength Index(RSI) example

rsigolangbinance crytocurrency relative-strength-index

Alright, below is a simple example on how to calculate the Relative Strength Index(RSI) using data from Binance.com and Golang.….... read more

Golang : Simple file scaning and remove virus example

file-scanning anti-virus bytes-reader strings-index signature

Just for fun, for this tutorial, we will simulate a simple anti-virus program. Let's create a simple file scanner that….... read more