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Golang : Login and logout a user after password verification and redirect example

golang bcrypt-password-authentication session gorilla-webtoolkit redirect-page

Writing this tutorial for my own future reference. User name and password authentication is a fairly common task for any….... read more

Golang : Bcrypting password

golang password salt bcrypt

From my past tutorial on salting password, a reader pointed out that there is a better way to….... read more

Golang : Verify Linux user password again before executing a program example

golang password authentication pamexec

One of my previous tutorial shows you how to restrict a program execution to root only and this can….... read more

Golang : Get login name from environment and prompt for password

golang password os-get-environment two-factor script-authentication


You want to write a Golang script(short program for administrating server, etc) that grab the current user's login name,….... read more

Restart Apache or Nginx web server without password prompt

password apache nginx

After installing SSL certificates on my Nginx server, I've started to experience some minor "annoyance" of being prompted for

.... read more

Golang : Basic authentication with .htpasswd file

golang authentication htpasswd

If you are looking to protect a web page with Basic Authentication. It can be done easily with Golang. In….... read more

Golang : Securing password with salt

golang password salt sha1

Every now and then we will hear some companies or banks database got compromised and the hackers will publish the….... read more

Nginx : Password protect a directory/folder

password nginx htpasswd

Problem :

You want to protect a directory that only certain individuals with the right password can access via a….... read more