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Don't call your self a programmer until you've read "The Art of Computer Programming"

art-of-programming donald-kuth algorithm computer-science

Apart from Alan Turing, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie. Donald Knuth is another titan in the….... read more

When to retire from programming and what to do next?

programming retire technology

This question has been lingering in my mind for a long time now and yesterday a fellow developer friend popped….... read more

Programming productivity depends on your tools and language choice

programming productivity coffee coke

Saw an old video commercial shared on Facebook today. It is an advertisement from the 90's about the benefits of….... read more

Golang : Image to ASCII art example

golang ascii-art image-to-ascii

This tutorial is just for fun and want to relive my DOS programming days for a while. In this tutorial,….... read more

Golang : Check if integer is power of four example

golang math-pow power-of


You need to test if a given integer is a power of 4. For example, if given number =….... read more

Golang : Math pow(the power of x^y) example

golang math-pow power-of

No programming language will be complete without the power of math function. This tutorial is a simple example on how….... read more

Improving my financial vocabulary with Windows 10 Money

windows-10 money financial programming vocabulary

For some odd reason, I decided that I should not use my Mac today for the fear of getting the….... read more

From programming to investing. All in the mind.

investing battletech cresent-hawk-inception programming

Alright, now is the time to transform myself from a software developer to an investor by "interrupting" my own mind.

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