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Don't call your self a programmer until you've read "The Art of Computer Programming"

art-of-programming donald-kuth algorithm computer-science

Apart from Alan Turing, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie. Donald Knuth is another titan in the….... read more

Golang : Image to ASCII art example

golang ascii-art image-to-ascii

This tutorial is just for fun and want to relive my DOS programming days for a while. In this tutorial,….... read more

Golang : Math pow(the power of x^y) example

golang math-pow power-of

No programming language will be complete without the power of math function. This tutorial is a simple example on how….... read more

Golang : Check if integer is power of four example

golang math-pow power-of


You need to test if a given integer is a power of 4. For example, if given number =….... read more

Golang : Experimental Jawi programming language

golang jawi programming-language parser compiler

Alright, today is Sunday and I got some free time to spare. So, I used my free time to build….... read more

Golang : Experimental emojis or emoticons icons programming language

golang emojis emoticons programming parser kristang

So, after I published my [experimental Jawi programming language code][1] on Facebook, someone asked me if it is possible to….... read more

Golang : Add ASCII art to command line application launching process

golang ascii-art go-figure font help-description

Problem : You worked hard on creating your application and you want add some ASCII art to prettify the launching….... read more

Preparing my self and my kids for the Age of Artificial Intelligence


It is 2019, Information Age is over and so is Internet Age. We are officially in the Age of Artificial….... read more