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Golang : HttpRouter multiplexer routing example

golang http httprouter multiplexer

HttpRouter attempts to transcend other Golang multiplexers by claiming to have better variables and routing supports. It also claimed to….... read more

Golang : Convert HTTP Response body to string

golang string convert http-response

Problem :

While writing tutorial on how to interface with PayPal's IPN(Instant Payment Notification), I need to convert….... read more

Golang : How to return HTTP status code?

golang http status-code mux

Was helping out a friend today on her work and one of the problems that she encountered during coding was….... read more

Golang : Routes multiplexer routing example with regular expression control

golang http mux routes multiplexer

This is another Golang's multiplexer example that is worthy to know about. Routes - it has a similar interface to….... read more

Golang : Intercept, inject and replay HTTP traffics from web server

golang HTTP-traffic capture replay

Found this interesting tool written in Golang that will allow you to record and replay HTTP traffics from your website….... read more

Golang : Unmarshal JSON from http response

golang http get json unmarshal

For this tutorial, we will learn how to unmarshal JSON data retrieved from http.Get() function. Using the HTTP….... read more

Golang : Set or add headers for many or different handlers

golang set-headers http-response-writer http-request

Problem :

In Golang, setting headers can be done easily with the Set() method.

At the moment, you are setting….... read more

Golang : Set or Add HTTP Request Headers

golang header set add http-request http-client

Problem :

While coding the tutorial on how to interface with PayPal, I need to add header value….... read more