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aws ec2

Was trying to ssh into my Amazon Web Services EC2 instances yesterday ssh -i ec2-webserver.pem root@ec2-***.compute-1.amazonaws.com and encountered this funky error message : @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @….... read more

AWS S3 : Prevent Hotlinking policy

aws s3 hotlinking policy

Problem :

Hosting a lot of photos or video files on AWS S3? Don't want other websites to link to….... read more

Golang : List available AWS regions

golang ec2 aws-sdk-go aws-region

Problem :

You need to get ALL the available AWS regions accessible by you. How to do that in Golang….... read more

Golang : List running EC2 instances and descriptions

golang ec2 aws-sdk-go

Problem :

You need to list the running EC2 instance and get description for each instances. You also want to….... read more

Golang : List objects in AWS S3 bucket

golang AWS s3 objects

For this tutorial, we will learn how to list a content of a AWS-S3 bucket.

The code below uses….... read more

Golang : Setting up/configure AWS credentials with official aws-sdk-go

golang credentials aws-sdk-go configure

Problem :

You need to setup credentials with official AWS SDK and you have couple of questions :

How to….... read more

Golang : Upload to S3 with official aws-sdk-go package

golang AWS-SDK-GO putobject upload download

An update to my previous tutorial on how to upload data to AWS S3, this tutorial uses the….... read more

Golang : Upload and download file to/from AWS S3

golang AWS s3 upload download objects

One of my projects involved uploading tar gzipped files to AWS-S3 and use the CloudFront(CDN) for worldwide distribution.

The….... read more