golang.pngGolang : Delete files by extension

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golang.pngGolang : Rename file

No File I/O operations will be complete without the capability to rename file.

Renaming a file in Go is….... read more

golang.pngGolang : Find files by extension

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golang.pngGolang : Write file with io.WriteString

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golang.pngGolang : Delete file

Deleting file in Go is simple. This short tutorial will demonstrate how to delete a file.

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golang.pngGolang : Copy file

Here’s an example to copy a file named “input.txt” to another file named “output.txt”.

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golang.pngGolang : Check if a file exist or not

In this tutorial, we will see how to check if a file exist or not before performing further operation.


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password.pngRestart Apache or Nginx web server without password prompt

After installing SSL certificates on my Nginx server, I've started to experience some minor "annoyance" of being prompted for

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facebook.pngGet Facebook friends working in same company

Problem :

Need to find common friends working in the same companies with Facebook.

Solution :

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