Torch light made from single sheet of paper

Occasionally, I have to work after the sun sets and there are times I have to walk back home through dark lanes. Carrying a bulking torch light is a no no for me and also I don't want to drain my phone battery by turning the smartphone into a torch light. Is there any other option? Something that can fit in easily in my handbag? Yup!

nendo's paper torch in action

Recently Japanese design studio teamed up with paper distributor Takeo and circuit manufacturer AgIC to create a handheld paper torch. The paper torch has two buttons to switch its LED light on and off. To increase the torch brightness, the user simply needs to roll the paper tightly.

enter image description here

enter image description here

yellow dots are circuits

Apart from being a handheld torch, the paper torch can be used as a desk lamp or mounted on the wall.

nendo torch as desk lamp

The company that came up with this concept is Nendo and do check out their other excellent designs at

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By Jennifer Loh

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