Cubetto - A screenless coding experience for kids

Parents these days want their children to learn how to program because they know the programming is an essential skill for the kids' future. While it is good to prepare the children for a digital future world; however, exposing children to screen early in their lives is not something that is good for their eye sights.

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Is there any screen less toy out there that can teach children about coding without requiring them to stare at smartphone or tablet screen?

Cubetto, a Montessori approved toy developed by Primo Toys is a child-friendly wooden toy that teaches kids the basics of coding. It is aimed at children between 3 to 6 years old to learn how to code by getting them to complete a series of adventures. To get the kids interested in coding, parents can help the kids to recognize the functions performed by each block and once the children learn about the blocks' function, they will pick it up from there on and play with different real-life simulations such as Ancient Egypt, Deep Sea, and Outer Space.

Studies have shown that staring at smartphone can isolate children and hinders their social skills ability as they grow. Playing toys such as Cubetto is more socially engaging than tapping on smartphone apps alone and it also helps to build bonds between children and their parents. The creators of Cubetto took into account of kids with disabilities and incorporate features such as touch, sound, and movement to help the special kids to focus.

Priced at USD $ 225 and the Cubetto is available for sale at

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By Jennifer Loh

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