Create digital signature with Mac OS X Preview Application

One of the features that I really like about Mac OS X is the ability to capture your digital signature. Once captured, you can use your digital signature to sign off documents that require your signature. In the past, I have to print out the documents, sign them, scan them and email them. Now, with Mac OS X Preview application , the process can be shortened to digitally sign your documents.

Let's explore how to :

1. Digitised your signature with Preview App.

Open up the Preview Application, select Tools -> Annotate -> Signature -> Manage Signatures.

Preview App Manage Signatures

You will see a dialog box appear and you can choose to capture your signature either by web camera(iSight is not really required) or by track pad. You will need to sign your signature on a piece of white paper and put the paper right in front of your web camera.

signature captured by web camera/isight

2. Sign document with your digital signature.

Once you have captured your digital signature with Preview Application, it is easy to insert your signature to any document that you wanted to sign in future. Just open up the document with Preview and repeat the process from Tools -> Annotate -> Signature ->. Select your own signature, drag and drop the signature onto the document. Adjust the location of your digital signature and save the document. Presto!

insert digital signature with preview application

Hope you will make use of this wonderful feature in Preview Application instead of signing and scanning. It helps to save papers!

By AdamNg

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