Captivating body painting festival in South Korea

Tired of painting art on canvas? How about painting on a warm human body? This just happened recently at the 2017 Daegu International Bodypainting Festival in South Korea. Where various body painting artists from different countries around the world had a chance to display their artistic talent for the international competition.

The theme of the competition was "Fairy Tale World" and artists transformed female models wearing nothing but underwear and pieces of duct tape into stunning living paintings. According to organizers, hundreds of people turned up for this year's event. This children friendly festival also featured fireworks, free face painting, and musical performances.

Sure way to get more people to appreciate arts and hopefully inspired couple of kids to become artists in future.

child friendly festival

model posing

artist working hard on body painting

model posing back

model applying makeup

two artists painting on model

stunning beauty


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By Jennifer Loh

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