Build a syringes controlled hydraulic arm

Ok, my 4 years old son got excited about programming a robotic arm after we attended a meet up recently where he gets to play with a Raspberry PI controlled robotic arm. Now he wants me to build him a similar setup at home and since he is still in kindergarten learn a,b,c .... programming a Raspberry PI powered robotic arm is still far ahead of him... let alone allowing him to play and trash an actual robotic arm.

So, is there an alternative? Yup, build a hydraulic powered cardboard "robotic" arm instead. Check out this video below and see how easy it is to build a hydraulic powered arm.

When my son is ready, I'm going to build an actual Raspberry PI controlled arm and he will do the coding.

Robotic arms have many applications in this world and beyond. Such as integrating with the brain to build a third arm, replace a missing arm, or combine with computer vision to perform tasks that are difficult for humans to do.

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By Adam Ng

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