ARTIFOX elegantly designed desk for your happy coding experience

Happy Coding! seems to be the standard greeting among software coders these days. Maybe they are a few easiest words to remember in the digital age when greeting or saying bye to software developers.

Anyway, as for me, it is important to get into my own - "happy coding" - zone before starting work. I can't stand messy desk.

A minimalist, clean and aesthetically designed desk will help me to get into my "happy coding" zone and allow me to focus on productivity.

minimalist desk

Found this US-based company ARTIFOX that has a collection of smart and stylish office furniture. ARTIFOX products are the brainchild of an interior designer and graphic designer, which explains the aesthetically pleasing elements found in ARTIFOX products. One of the desks that I really like is the standing desk. Coding requires me to sit in front of the computer for a long time and in my opinion it is not healthy. I'm looking for healthier life and getting a standing desk sounds like a logically step.

artifox standing desk

artifox standing desk - 2

If you're looking for furniture to furnish your office, head over to the ARTIFOX’s website for more information and to learn how to get hold of ARTIFOX products.

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By Adam Ng

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